what game to play to-day
...Thoreau's Journal: 24-Apr-1859

There is a season for everything, and we do not notice a given phenomenon at any other season, if, indeed, it can be called the same phenomenon at any other season. There is a time to watch the ripples on Ripple Lake, to look for arrowheads, to study the rocks and lichens, a time to walk on sandy deserts; and the observer of nature must improve these seasons as much as the farmer his. So boys fly kites and play ball or hawkie at particular times all over the State. A wise man will know what game to play to-day, and play it.

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michael jameson said...

" to every thing there is a season" and in each season down to the day there is something to do, it can be one of many things but dont waste it!, make sure you do it, it is a very precious gift as we grow older our games change and so do the way we look at things, but a day lost is a crime against yourself. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com