the ditcher
...Thoreau's Journal: 20-Apr-1841

Great thoughts hallow any labor. To-day I earned seventy-five cents heaving manure out of a pen, and made a good bargain of it. If the ditcher muses the while how he may live uprightly, the ditching spade and turf knife may be engraved on the coat-of-arms of his posterity.

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michael jameson said...

some have jobs they despise and they do it and are unhappy, then their are those who think of ways to make money and be happy at it! some will always argue this with many fine arguments,and its been said forever , those who are willing to work hard and use their brains can improve their situations!,and once again you will have those who will grumble and give reasons why they cant!,is this an easy or hard question?. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com