presto change
...Thoreau's Journal: 15-Apr-1855

Returning, we had a fine view of a blue heron, standing erect and open to view on a meadow island, by the great swamp south of the bridge, looking as broad as a boy on the side, and then some sheldrakes sailing in the smooth water beyond. These soon sailed behind points of meadow. The heron flew away, and one male sheldrake flew past us low over the water, reconnoitering, large and brilliant black and white. When the heron takes to flight, what a change in size and appearance! It is presto change! There go two great undulating wings pinned together, but the body and neck must have been left behind somewhere.

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michael jameson said...

it is a good idea when passing any form of nature that we pause and calm ourselves for a moment and take in all it has to offer, using our senses absorb all sights sounds and smells,we will be enriched and better for it and have something to reflect upon all day , also you will have a wonderful vision to hold as you go off to slumber. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com