the true merman
...Thoreau's Journal: 23-Apr-1857

They told me at New Bedford that one of their whalers came in the other day with a black man aboard whom they had picked up swimming in the broad Atlantic, without anything to support him, but nobody could understand his language or tell where he came from. He was in good condition and well-behaved. My respect for my race rose several degrees when I heard this, and I thought they had found the true merman at last. “What became of him?” I inquired. “I believe they sent him to the State Almshouse,” was the reply. Could anything have been more ridiculous? That he should be beholden to Massachusetts for his support who floated free where Massachusetts with her State Almshouse could not have supported herself for a moment. They should have dined him, then accompanied him to the nearest cape and bidden him good-by.

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michael jameson said...

once again we have fear for what is different or dont understand!and it cant be better or our equal,we are safe and comfortable with our own and what we know,we are ignorant and will not except change of any kind easily,as years go by we are starting to understand we cannot stop change,if only we had never had this fear!the learning no wars or poverty,pride in our fellow man,,im a dreamer!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com