the cheapest of the two
...Thoreau's Journal: 4-Apr-1853

The other day, when I had been standing perfectly still some ten minutes, looking at a willow which had just blossomed, some rods in the rear of Martial Mile’s house, I felt eyes on my back and, turning round suddenly, saw the heads of two men who had stolen out of the house and were watching me over a rising ground as fixedly as I the willow. They were studying man, which is said to be the proper study of mankind, I nature, and yet, when detected, they felt the cheapest of the two.

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michael jameson said...

its odd, when we study nature its with glory!, when we study man we have to study ourselves, we see ourselves in everyone, we have the same emotions wants and needs and we are capable of the best and worst of all,some we mentally distance ourselves from and others we wish to be,to find contentment study nature and find how we are alike. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com to answer the asker im 44