meditating a siesta
...Thoreau's Journal: 27-Apr-1860

I stand under Lee’s Cliff. There is a certain summeriness in the air now, especially under a warm cliff like this, where you smell the very dry leaves, and hear the pine warbler and the hum of a few insects,—small gnats, etc.—and see considerable growth and greenness. Though it is still windy, there is, nevertheless, a certain serenity and long-lifeness in the air, as if it were a habitable place and not merely to be hurried through. The noon of the year is approaching. Nature seems meditating a siesta.


michael jameson said...

i have noticed certain yet many places in the wild or nature that are not to be hurried through,and if i had my way it would be there i would settle,places to live and grow old as all around you does,watch all the life around you,then its your time to pass away and you to will regenerate and become part of the forest too. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

you only borrow the energy!, you have to give it back some day!.