no time to read newspapers
...Thoreau's Journal: 3-Apr-1853

The last two Tribunes I have not looked at. I have no time to read newspapers. If you chance to live and move and have your being in that thin stratum in which the events which make the news transpire,—thinner than the paper on which it is printed,—then these things will fill the world for you; but if you soar above or dive below that plane, you cannot remember nor be reminded of them.

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michael jameson said...

the newspaper or local news is read diligently by many, it is fleeting,forgotten very soon and only good to tell others you are up on current events, it is usually about misery, if only a paper with history, science and nature was out, this i would read and commit to memory,it would cause me to look forward to it with happiness,as a man am i that far from these normal people that thrive on daily events. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com