sympathy with the universal mind
...Thoreau's Journal: 1-Apr-1860

I am surprised that my affirmations or utterances come to me ready-made,—not fore-thought,—so that I occasionally awake in the night simply to let fall ripe a statement which I had never consciously considered before, and as surprising and novel and agreeable to me as anything can be. As if we only thought by sympathy with the universal mind, which thought while we were asleep. There is such a necessity to make a definite statement that our minds at length do it without our consciousness, just as we carry our food to our mouths. This occurred to me last night, but I was so surprised by the fact which I have just endeavored to report that I have entirely forgotten what the particular observation was.

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michael jameson said...

it is truly a wonder how our minds think for themselves,it gives you ideas it puts things together for you,it allows you to wonder without provocation,im not sure if it is a need or another ability we possess to make us what and who we are and for survival, this should be given great thought to as our own miracles that we can improve and enjoy. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com