frozen quite hard
...Thoreau's Journal: 2-Apr-1857

A great change in the weather. I set out apple trees yesterday, but in the night it was very cold, with snow, which is now several inches deep. On the sidewalk in Cambridge I saw a toad, which apparently hopped out from under a fence last evening, frozen quite hard in a sitting posture. Carried it into Boston in my pocket, but could not thaw it into life.


michael jameson said...

strange that even as a grown man we would put a frozen toad in our pocket,a toad can slow its body to the point of death to live the winter, but if a freezing wind hits it life is over. a boy brings with him into manhood even the silliest things like a toad in the pocket,also some of us wish to save a life,why?perhaps we know how precious a gift life is, or just a boyhood charm,depending on the person. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Geoff Wisner said...

Sometimes Thoreau's attempts to revive frozen creatures were more successful... http://bit.ly/93AJz5

Cathy said...

Oh my, what a sobering post for the first days of April.

And what an endearing gesture.

Oh my.