a character to support
...Thoreau's Journal: 28-Apr-1841

We falsely attribute to men a determined character; putting together all their yesterdays and averaging them, we presume we know them. Pity the man who has a character to support. It is worse than a large family. He is silent poor indeed. But in fact character is never explored, nor does it get developed in time, but eternity is its development, time its envelope. In view of this distinction, a sort of divine politeness and heavenly good breeding suggests itself, to address always the enveloped character of a man. I approach a great nature with infinite expectation and uncertainty, not knowing what I may meet. It lies as broad and unexplored before me as a scraggy hillside or pasture. I may hear a fox bark, or a partridge drum, or some bird new to these localities may fly up.

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michael jameson said...

each man builds his own character, not from child to man that would be silly, but as a man,he can strengthen his character as he grows old learning as he ages, pity some stop and their character stagnates!, yet some build their character to such heights that they rise above many and feel so good about themselves, and you cant lie to yourself! michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com