games of baseball
...Thoreau's Journal: 10-Apr-1856

Fast-Day.—Some fields are dried sufficiently for the games of ball with which this season is commonly ushered in. I associate this day, when I can remember it, with games of baseball played over behind the hills of Sleepy Hollow, where the snow was just melted and dried up, also with the uncertainty I always experienced whether the shops would be shut, whether we should have an ordinary dinner, and extraordinary one, or none at all, and whether there would be more than one service at the meeting-house. This last uncertainty old folks share with me. This is a windy day, drying up the fields; the first we have had for a long time.


michael jameson said...

all men seem to remember the games they played in childhood, at a certain time of year around spring, these of our earliest memories are fond and often when remembering one event triggers several more and not great events but the content of daily living at a different time, when our senses saw and heard when we were not yet educated in so many things, the joy it can bring back,the simplicity. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

OFF TOPIC. a great man with the thoughts and observations to help mankind wrote for us!another man has put it here for all to see and tell us their thoughts, over 100 followers the world over,why? does no one share and contribute? im dumbfounded! do we not all have thoughts have we not all had lives,is no one willing to share? or is that the answer,so my thoughts are my own and to precious to share, it saddens me. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Melissa St. Hilaire said...

@Michael It does seem that thoughts are too precious to share these days. No one wants to stand out. Funny thing is the more we share, the less we stand out, the more we realize we're similar. (If that makes any kind of sense, lol.) @dreamoutloud