the shore of my Ithaca
...Thoreau's Journal: 07-Jul-1845

I am glad to remember to-night, as I sit by my door, that I too am at least a remote descendant of that heroic race of men of whom there is tradition. I too sit here on the shore of my Ithaca, a fellow-wanderer and survivor of Ulysses. How symbolical, significant of I know not what, the pitch pine stands here before my door! Unlike any glyph I have seen sculptured or painted yet, one of Nature’s later designs, yet perfect as her Grecian art. There it is, a done tree. Who can mend it? And now where is the generation of heroes whose lives are to pass amid these our northern pines, whose exploits shall appear to posterity pictured amid these strong and shaggy forms? Shall there be only arrows and bows to go with these pines on some pipe-stone quarry at length? There is something more respectable than railroads in these simple relics of the Indian race. What hieroglyphs shall we add to the pipe-stone quarry?

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michael jameson said...

it does seem that our grandfathers and fore bearers were much more nobler then us!,yet it is because of them we have, or should i say are, who we are today!,, and what have we done with all their hard work and wars and toiling? we have committed the worst crime of all!!,we have forgotten!! our societies today should have a streak of shame running through them!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com