all needed potash
...Thoreau's Journal: 28-July-1860

A man shows me in the street a single bunch of potato-balls (i.e. on one stem) twenty in number, several of them quite an inch in diameter and the whole cluster nearly five inches in diameter as it hangs, to some extent emulating a cluster of grapes. The very sight of them supplies my constitution with all needed potash.


michael jameson said...

it is a good thing for us to recognize the vitamins and minerals. our bodies need such a varied amount and if we can look at bananas or potatoes and see it for its potassium or a tomato and see that its loaded with vitamin c, these are the fuels our bodies need to keep us healthy!, its hard to believe how short a time ago we knew little if nothing of nutrition. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

a special thank you for all the kind emails from people who read my observations!,they have been warm heartening and thoughtful!! and to the many friends ive made through this site that have added a zest to my daily life! you have my gratitude! it makes my heart glad to see others who think thoughts and have feelings close to my own your servant mike jameson