such a swamp
...Thoreau's Journal: 17-July-1852

Beck Stow’s Swamp! What an incredible spot to think of in town or city! When life looks sandy and barren, is reduced to its lowest terms, we have no appetite, and it has no flavor, then let me visit such a swamp as this, deep and impenetrable, where the earth quakes for a rod around you at every step, with its open water where the swallows skim and twitter, its meadow and cotton-grass, its dense patches of dwarf andromeda, now brownish-green, with clumps of blueberry bushes, its spruces and its verdurous border of woods imbowering it on every side. The trees now in the rain look heavy and rich all day, as commonly at twilight, drooping with the weight of wet leaves.


michael jameson said...

a place to go or even escape to! sometimes we all feel the urge to find a place or site!, nature is best but a tavern will do where only friendliness occurs or even privacy! where our thoughts can be our own if not we can share them with others who will not judge you!, sympathy among friends at a common pub!,or silence of your mind to put your thoughts in order and feel whole again!in order to rejoin life!?. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

billbean said...

"swampy", i was looking for an appropriate way to describe my life at the moment, Thoreau to the rescue