knowledge of the morning
...Thoreau's Journal: 18-July-1851

It is a test question affecting the youth of a person,—Have you knowledge of the morning? Do you sympathize with that season of nature? Are you abroad early, brushing the dews aside? If the sun rises on you slumbering, if you do not hear the morning cock-crow, if you do not witness the blushes of Aurora, if you are not acquainted with Venus as the morning star, what relation have you to wisdom and purity? You have then forgotten your Creator in the days of your youth! Your shutters were darkened till noon! You rose with a sick headache! In the morning sing, as do the birds. What of those birds which should slumber on their perches till the sun was a hour high? What kind of fowl would they be and new kinds of bats and owls, hedge sparrows or larks? then took a dish of tea or hot coffee before they began to sing?


michael jameson said...

youth has none or very little interest of the worlds ritual of awakening! they are to involved with themselves!,yet a father or grand father may bless this present upon them! and tell them why!! ,the beauty the song the flower opens to shine in its glory.Awake from slumber early go outside with nothing more then a coffee and waken with the world, you will feel it! and your day will be one of true life! michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

The Anuki Country Press said...

I think Thoreau is talking about the beauty of "waking". We can agree with Mike that our present generations of youth have forgotten how to wake up early. This, if we are not mindful of, could cause a lot of problems at all levels: from toddlers upwards. One longs for that day when men and women awoke before the sun to worry about dinner at nightfall.