too good to be true
...Thoreau's Journal: 23-July-1860

I see a snake crossing at Hubbard’s Bridge as swiftly as a muskrat could, which, indeed, I at first took it for,—faster than a muskrat would.

I find the ripest blueberries (Vaccinium vacillans) not on the very top nor on the lower slope, but on the brow, or what is called the “pitch” of the hill (Conantum) toward the light. The ripest are of course the largest, and this year very large and hard and bead-like.

Slender early spiranthes noticed.

I read of the Amazon that its current, indeed, is strong, but the wind always blows up the stream. This sounds too good to be true.

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michael jameson said...

i find the longer we can look at things with amazement or with the eye's of a child!,the more interesting life can always be!,however so many of us think they have seen it all before!and it just passes them all without care!,they see nothing new or worthy of there attention! and by the time they do see!,its to late and they have let life pass them by!,sad. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com