a walk as strange as Dante’s
...Thoreau's Journal: 24-July-1857

It (1) suggested to me how unexplored still are the realms of nature, that what we know and have seen is always an insignificant portion. We may any day take a walk as strange as Dante’s imaginary one to L’Inferno or Paradiso

1. [Phosphorescent wood. See Maine Woods…]


michael jameson said...

each person only gets to see such a small portion of this world! it gives us hope!!,if we were able to see everything how sad we would feel!,but a man can spend his whole life in one woods and never see it the same and always see something new to inspire him!, to inspire us all. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

i have seen phosphorescent wood a few times and sometimes the circumstance has to be right, when the wood dies and breaks down it releases gases that in a humid or damp condition glow!,there are also types of lichens that have phosphorescent properties!