reaches of the Merrimack
...Thoreau's Journal: 02-Jul-1858

As you travel northward from Concord, probably the reaches of the Merrimack River, looking up or down them from the bank, will be the first inspiring sight. There is something in the scenery of a broad river equivalent to culture and civilization. Its channel conducts our thoughts as well as bodies to classic and famous ports, and allies us to all that is fair and great. I like to remember that at the end of half a day’s walk I can stand on the bank of the Merrimack. It is just wide enough to interrupt the land and lead my eye and thoughts down its channel to the sea. A river is superior to a lake in its liberating influence. It has motion and indefinite length. A river touching the back of a town is like a wing, it may be unused as yet, but ready to waft it over the world. With its rapid current it is a slightly fluttering wing. River towns are winged towns.

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michael jameson said...

how few think when they see something! most say look a tree look a river look a field!!! what enjoyment is that! look at the river!, at how natives used it for travel,trading,food,games and war! look at the shades of color as it reaches the bank!!,,i played as a boy and imagined all sorts of things along a river!,fished and swam!!,,NOT look a river!!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com