a single spring should appear
...Thoreau's Journal: 25-July-1851

As I walked on the beach (Nantasket), panting with thirst, a man pointed to a white spot on the side of a distant hill (Strawberry Hill he called it) which rose from the gravelly beach, and said that there was a pure and cold and unfailing spring; and I could not help but admiring that in this town of Hull, of which I had heard, but now for the first time saw, a single spring should appear to me and should be of so much value. I found Hull indeed, but there was also a spring on that parched, unsheltered shore; the spring, though I did not visit it, made the deepest impression on my mind. Hull, the place of the spring and of the well. This is what the traveler would remember. All that he remembered of Rome was a spring on the Capitoline Hill!

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michael jameson said...

one town and its people is pretty much the same as any other one!, yet to find a freshwater spring and drink from it does more for me then any town could!, i know of 2 or 3 secret springs in and around where i live! they are so beautiful and the water so sweet that i am careful who i share them with! so they will stay safe for all of us!,this may not make sense to many but their are some who know!.