warmest day yet
...Thoreau's Journal: 21-Jun-1853

The warmest day yet. For the least two days I have worn nothing about my neck. This change or putting off of clothes is, methinks, as good an evidence of the increasing warmth of the weather as meteorological instruments. I thought it was hot weather perchance, when, a month ago, I slept with a window wide open and laid aside a comfortable, but by and by I found that I had got two windows open, and to-night two windows and the door are far from enough.

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michael jameson said...

the shedding of clothes and the opening of windows means much more to us then then a weather forecast!.its what we do for ourselves that makes the difference! to make us comfortable to dry laundry to sleep better!, yes, its how we feel and what we do that matters and always is!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com