a miserable name
...Thoreau's Journal: 30-Jun-1856

To Middleborough ponds in the new town of Lakeville (some three years old). What a miserable name! It should have been Assawampsett or, perchance, Sanacus, if that was the name of the Christian Indian killed on the pond.

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michael jameson said...

in our society!,if we were there first or we made it first it is ours to name!,if we did not buy the land and stole, swindled, or killed to get it, the native who was there first has at the very least the credence of name, for all time! a plaque showing title and why we would take a mans life for dirt!.WE ARE ASHAMED! AND WE SHOULD HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com