the blush of clover
...Thoreau's Journal: 15-Jun-1853

Clover now in its prime. What more luxuriant than a clover field? The poorest soil that is covered with it looks incomparably fertile. This is perhaps the most characteristic feature of June, resounding with the hum of insects. It is so massive, such a blush on the fields. The rude health of the sorrel cheek has given place to the blush of clover. Painters are wont, in their pictures of Paradise, to strew the ground too thickly with flowers. There should be moderation in all things. Though we love flowers, we do not want them so thick under our feet that we cannot walk without treading on them. But a clover-field in bloom is some excuse for them.

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michael jameson said...

clover it could be a memory of home or as a child!, looking for a four leaf clover on a summer afternoon with a friend and never finding one !, for some reason all my wife has to do is look at the ground and one is found! i have never found one but the smell of clover does bring back those summer days. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com