genuine Cape Cod
...Thoreau's Journal: 16-Jun-1857

From time to time, summer and winter and far inland, I call to mind that peculiar prolonged cry of the upland plover on the bare heaths of Truro in July, heard from sea to sea, though you cannot guess how far the bird may be, as if it were a characteristic sound of the Cape.

In a genuine Cape Cod road you see simple dents in the sand, but cannot tell by what kind of foot they were made, the sand is so light and flowing.

The whole length of the Cape the beach-flea is skipping and the plover piping.


michael jameson said...

i have talked to many that have been to cape cod, all with lovely stories to tell and some even look off in the distance as if they have a longing to return! i must make the journey to the cape to behold its wonders even if it is just the plover bird!.oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com mike

vanjulio said...

you should definitely visit there and I recommend to read "The Outermost House" by Henry Beston. He lived here one year in near isolation and the work is very comparable to Walden Pond.