real terrestrial eggs for you
...Thoreau's Journal: 07-Jun-1851

My practicalness is not to be trusted to the last. To be sure, I go upon my legs for the most part, being hard-pushed and dogged by a superficial common sense which is bound to near objects by beaten paths, I am off the handle, as the phrase is—I begin to be transcendental and show where my heart is. I am like those guinea-fowl which Charles Darwin saw at the cape de Verd Islands. He says, “They avoided us like partridges on a rainy day in September, running with their heads cocked up; and if pursed, they readily took to the wing.” Keep your distance, do not infringe on the interval between us, and I will pick up lime and lay real terrestrial eggs for you, and let you know by cackling when I have done it.


michael jameson said...

practicality is not to be trusted,yes we can go through life being practical and even strive towards it!, yet if we judge everything by it we will lose the best part of ourselves! the artist the thinker the dreamer!, to be footloose and fancy free!,spur of the moment decisions!, just taking music into the body to energize you!,let practical be whatever you want it to be!!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

p.s. something odd has happened i have not received one email from this site or my site, misguided philosopher, in 2 weeks from 25 a day to 0, any ideas? did i do something wrong? a glitch in the system? if ive upset my readers im sorry and will even stop writing! i meant no harm!. mike jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com