my upper empire
...Thoreau's Journal: 04-Jun-1839

I sit here this fourth of June, looking out on men and nature from this that I call my perspective window, through which all things are seen in their true relations. This is my upper empire, bounded by four walls, viz., three of boards yellow-washed, facing the north, west, south, respectively, and the fourth of plaster, likewise yellow-washed, fronting the sunrise,—to say nothing of the purlieus and outlying provinces, unexplored as yet but by rats.

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michael jameson said...

it is good for a man to look at the space where he lives!,what views hath his windows,what residence has he made for himself,can he see only man or nature or both!, perhaps this is not his final abode?, but just for now till he sees where the future takes him!,my hope is that he is not spending all his spare time just tending his home unless this be his passion. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com