sultry hum
...Thoreau's Journal: 09-Jun-1856

Without an umbrella, thinking the weather settled at last. There are some large cumuli with glowing downy cheeks floating about. Now I notice where an elm is in the shadow of a cloud,—the black elm-tops and shadows of June. It is a dark eyelash which suggests a flashing eye beneath. It suggests houses that lie under the shade, the repose and siesta of summer noons, the thunder-cloud, bathing, and all that belongs to summer. These veils are now spread here and there over the village. It suggests also the creak of crickets, a June sound now fairly begun, inducing contemplation and philosophic thoughts,—the sultry hum of insects.

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michael jameson said...

once you know the world about you, you look at things with all senses!, to a city dweller walking in the woods, "look trees and the grounds uneven!",to the forest dweller, the sights the sounds the smells!,so many things going on!more activity then the city,in its own way, with natural colors,temperatures changing etc, imagine the keenness to those born of the forest, and all that you see is life, be it a river or the wind. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com