so glaringly white
...Thoreau's Journal: 12-Jun-1852

The steam whistle at a distance sounds even like the hum of a bee in a flower. So man’s works fall into nature.

The flies hum at mid-afternoon, as if peevish and weary of the length of the days. The river is shrunk to summer width; on the sides smooth whitish water,—or rather it is the light from the pads;—in the middle, dark blue or slate, ripple.

The color of the earth at a distance where a wood has been cut off is a reddish brown. Nature has put no large object on the face of New England so glaringly white as a white house.

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michael jameson said...

do we compliment nature by being here yes we do!,but what we build and set on its landscape only destroys its natural beauty!,what choice do we have? globally as a race none we will farm and populate it to extinction!, unless war or a virus gets us first, then the world will go back to how it was!, time will win,we are but a carbon footprint!,we killed ourselves, yes we were to smart for our own good!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com