through with Nature
...Thoreau's Journal: 23-May-1854

We soon get through with Nature. She excites an expectation which she cannot satisfy. The merest child which has rambled into a copsewood dreams of a wilderness so wild and strange and inexhaustible as nature can never show him. The red-bird which I saw on my companion’s string on election days I thought but the outmost sentinel of the wild, immortal camp,—of the wild and dazzling infantry of the wilderness,—that the deeper woods abounded with redder birds still; but, now that I have threaded all our woods and waded the swamps, I have never yet met with his compeer, still less his wilder kindred. The red-bird which is the last of nature is but the first of God.


michael jameson said...

even as a child i remember going exploring in the woods hoping to see something different that no one had seen before! yet it was always the same but different as no two trees are alike, and it never entered my mind that the indians had wandered these woods for thousands of years before me!, but i could be anything in those forests!, soldier, explorer, hunter,and what memories its given me now of my childhood,i think it to bad the children of today will get to say memories? i played video games in the basement!!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Bex said...

what a beautiful, touching, merciful story about the rescue. I wonder if they kept the cat and raised it to an old age?

Buddy said...

love to have a word index to look up passages I can remember only part of