goad us into some action
...Thoreau's Journal: 29-May-1857

With all this opportunity, this comedy and tragedy, how near all men come to doing nothing! It is strange that they did not make us more intense and emphatic, that they do not goad us into some action. Generally, with all our desires and restlessness, we are no more likely to embark in any enterprise than a tree is to walk to a more favorable locality.


Pierre said...

This thought had never been so true.

michael jameson said...

"we are apt to do nothing when all is available" weather it be fear or laziness we undertake the minimal of effort to act,do,accomplish !, not all though! some reach out and participate and act to extreme!, these are the few!,the many read,watch and fantisize!, who is it that takes more from life? the ones that care,the ones that give,the ones with few regrets!. michael jameson

Anonymous said...

I share his concern here and that's what I fear the most. I think only through actions you can accomplish your purposes. Too much thinking ruins the purity of our lives. Gotta move!