...Thoreau's Journal: 31-May-1858

There was a slight sea-turn, the wind coming cool and easterly this morning, which at first I mistook for the newly leafing deciduous trees investing the evergreens, which is a kind of sea-turn in harmony with the other. I remember that the stage-drivers riding back and forth daily from Concord to Boston and becoming weather-wise perforce, often meeting the sea-breeze on its way to the country, were wont to show their weather wisdom by telling anxious travelers that it was nothing but a sea-turn.

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michael jameson said...

a sea turn is a misty breeze coming off the water on the east coast and few others would know the expression!, the stage driver would use the word knowing most have no understanding, therefore bragging in an attempt to feel superior,this we have done,do, and do not, but recognize it for what it is. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com