rain is good for thought
...Thoreau's Journal: 17-May-1858

It rains gently from time to time as I walk, but I see a farmer with his boys, John Hosmer, still working in the rain, bent on finishing his planting. He is slowly getting a soaking, quietly dropping manure in the furrows. The rain is good for thought. It is especially agreeable to me as I enter the wood and hear the soothing dripping on the leaves. It domiciliates me in nature. The woods are the more like a house for the rain; the few slight noises sound more hollow in them; the birds hop nearer; the very trees seem still and pensive. The clouds are but a higher roof. The clouds and rain confine me to near objects, the surface of the earth and the trees.


Earthling said...

Its so lovely to read this passage tonight... I've had the doors and windows open and listened to the cool rain gently fall all this evening.

I also love how the rain makes the green foliage all the more vivid.

michael jameson said...

the forest is a home!, most do not think of it as such! and thats one reason they destroy it!, rain is part of the home just as heat is to our houses, but it is a home for many,it is a living home,a forest can be a city or a village teeming with life and it allows us to visit as we want!, and men destroy them for the wood and forget all that live there!.