...Thoreau's Journal: 14-May-1852

Most men are easily transplanted from here there, for they have so little root—no tap root,—or their roots penetrate so little way, that you can thrust a shovel quite under them and take them up, roots and all.


michael jameson said...

roots are only where our forefathers are from, we also use the expression put down roots here to start a family and they will have future roots, it is good not to have roots like a tree that we may explore and travel, it is a gift!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Chris said...

Does anyone know a poem or passage by Thoreau that talks about to men being on a beach looking at the sky...ends with something like "and i held his hand in mine and I was happy" .... I'm trying to find this!

elizabeth said...

Could it possibly be When I Heard at the Close of Day, by Walt Whitman?