of sparrows, tree and song
...Thoreau's Journal: 28-May-1854

The F. hyemalis, fox-colored sparrow, rusty grackles, tree sparrows, have all gone by; also the purple finch. The snipe has ceased to boom. I have not heard the phoebe of late, and methinks the bluebird and the robin are not heard so often (the former certainly not). Those tumultuous morning concerts of sparrows, tree and song, hyemalis, and grackles, like leaves on the trees are past, and the woodland quire will rather be diminished than increased henceforth.

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michael jameson said...

i have often remarked on the beauty of bird song, not one note of anger is heard morning or night, unless a squirrel or the like is around, it is a party twice a day and it can disappear as soon as it arrives! a world of music for those that fly!,a language of pure song!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com