the Virginia Road
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-May-1857

My mother was telling to-night of the sounds she used to hear summer nights when she was young and lived on the Virginia Road,—the lowing of cows, or cackling of geese, or the beating of a drum as far off as Hildreth’s, but above all Joe Merriam whistling to his team, for he was an admirable whistler. Says she used to get up at midnight and go and sit on the door-step when all in the house were asleep, and she could hear nothing in the world but the ticking of the clock in the house behind her.


5thBeliever said...

So even HDT's mom was a philosopher!

michael jameson said...

mothers have a great memory when it comes to sounds and how women in general can connect emotion to sounds and sounds gone by!, i wish i had more of the ability where songs evoke so much emotion that tears form easily just by having the right notes played for them!! what a gift! and how it should be treasured!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

vanjulio said...

michael, I am not a woman and music does that to me all of my life. but it's really strange what songs evoke that strong emotion.