temporary vernal lakes
...Thoreau's Journal: 03-May-1857

Up and down the town, men and boys that are under subjection are polishing their shoes and brushing their go-to-meeting clothes. I, a descendant of Northmen who worshipped Thor, spend my time worshipping neither Thor nor Christ; a descendant of Northmen who sacrificed men and horses, sacrifice neither men nor horses. I care not for Thor nor for the Jews. I sympathize not to-day with those who go to church in newest clothes and sit quietly in straight-backed pews. I sympathize rather with the boy who has none to look after him, who borrows a boat and a paddle and in common clothes sets out to explore these temporary vernal lakes. I meet such a boy paddling along under a sunny bank, with bare feet and his pants rolled up to his knees, ready to leap into the water at a moment’s warning. Better for him to read “Robinson Crusoe” than Baxter’s “Saints’ Rest.”


michael jameson said...

the churches are the worlds richest institutions!,the catholic church alone can clothe,feed, and educate every man woman and child on this planet for a thousand years!"bring us your poor ,tired and hungry"??and they will be given words you cant eat!,give a boy dreams and ambition! over magic!,"gods will help those who help themselves"seems to me if they have helped themselves they dont need gods!,and why do they keep trillions of dollars? the rich get richer etc! its all just common sense!.this time i will get bad emails! michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Randy Waltrip said...

or Huckleberry Finn!