two reports
...Thoreau's Journal: 27-Mar-1857

I would fain make two reports in my Journal, first the incidents and observations of to-day; and by tomorrow I review the same and record what was omitted before, which will often be the most significant and poetic part. I do not know at first what it is that charms me. The men and things of to-day are wont to lie fairer and truer in tomorrow’s memory.

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michael jameson said...

it is interesting how we first see through one set of eyes,when we come back later we see through another set of eyes, first we see structure,color,usefulness,humans first responses,going back and looking or even in our minds later,different things are seen and not just what was missed,we see a beauty,we connect things,its a bigger picture with tales and art,our thoughts are rampant, it is good to gain a second perspective when possible. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com