nature’s great central fire
...Thoreau's Journal: 22-Mar-1853

That is an interesting morning when one first uses the warmth of the sun instead of fire; bathes in the sun, as anon in the river; eschewing fire, draws up to a garret window and warms his thoughts at nature’s great central fire, as does the buzzing fly by his side.


TalkingStick said...

Flies have thoughts? That is an interesting morning.

michael jameson said...

to warm yourself by the sun, first thing in the morning is best or in a bay window in the afternoon, it can warm you to the bones and even bring back memories,every animal big or small basks in the sun,to some it is their greatest pleasure of the day,and its the same warmth for all. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

ramona said...

Yes," the same warmth for all". Wonderful sentiment.