traversing deserts
...Thoreau's Journal: 10-Mar-1859

When I meet gentlemen and ladies, I am reminded of the extent of the inhabitable and uninhabitable globe; I exclaim to myself, Surfaces! surfaces! If the outside of a man is so variegated and extensive, what must the inside be? You are high up the Platte River, traversing deserts, plains covered with soda, with no deeper hollow than a prairie-dog hole tenanted also by owls and venomous snakes.


Geoff Wisner said...

Thank you for getting rid of the pink on the site! Green is much more soothing and appropriate.

The passage on sledding a couple of days ago is quite nice, and I don't think very well known.

michael jameson said...

each of us we see from the out side are so varied and show many faces,true to themselves and others yet some show masks of such distortion of who they really are,inside us is where the masks begin,like the prairie dog who is honest hardworking and is true to his exterior,the owl wise and thoughtful,and the snake full of greed and lies,and some a mixture of the lot which can be very well tempered. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com