living by loving
...Thoreau's Journal: 13-Mar-1853

You must get your living by loving. To be supported by the charity of friends or a governmental pension is to go into the almshouse. To inherit property is not to be born,—is to be still-born rather.


Anonymous said...

"living by loving" is probably one of my favorite quotes and I think it really applies well to all peoples and is a timeless observation..... truly inspired.

michael jameson said...

living is loving, it does not matter who what or how many,if one is just handed everything he has no appreciacion, and is lost,one who toils for what he has,respects and has ties to it,the one who can walk into the forest and fall in love to the point of rapture is one of the wisest of men,the ones that understand and act on thisare truly blessed. michael jameson oldanyiqueguy@hotmail.con