disabled by his shoeing
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-Mar-1860

The walker and naturalist does not wear a hat, or a shoe, or a coat, to be looked at, but for other uses. When a citizen comes to take a walk with me I commonly find that he is lame,—disabled by his shoeing. He is sure to wet his feet, tear his coat, and jam his hat, and the superior qualities of my boots, coat, and hat appear. I once went into the woods with a party for a fortnight. I wore my old and common clothes, which were of Vermont gray. They wore, no doubt, the best they had for such an occasion,—of a fashionable color and quality. I thought that they were a little ashamed of me while we were in the towns. They all tore their clothes badly but myself, and I, who, it chanced, was the only one provided with needles and thread, enabled them to mend them. When we came out of the woods I was the best dressed of any of them.


michael jameson said...

its an interesting feeling when your friends are ashamed of you because of the clothes you where,in town they are adorned with the flimsy fashionable dress,i in my leather boots and hat and a thick wool coat,when we go into the woods i am warm, dry,and protected, it is not shame i feel for them, it is a gladness that as they are cold and wet they look upon me with an understanding that their original shame was misplaced. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

ramona said...

Amusing post Henry:).