a view to purchasing
...Thoreau's Journal: 8-Mar-1853

I know of no more pleasing employment than to ride about the country with a companion very early in the spring, looking at farms with a view to purchasing if not paying for them.


michael jameson said...

it is very nice to have all the ingredients there for something that warms our spirit,a ride in the country with a close companion,with the weather as it should be,looking and talking about purchasing a farm,debating the pro's and con's and wondering how it will effect your life, sharing the experience with a friend! its a good example of a happy time as any.

Wozza said...

I like the window shopping activity alluded to. It's so hard to do for houses/farms because you are looking for a purpose - not an idle amble by. At the same time it's so easy because, as it's a big purchase you can afford to be picky.