gods can never afford
...Thoreau's Journal: 12-Mar-1852

The gods can never afford to leave a man in the world who is privy to any of their secrets. They cannot have a spy here. They will at once send him packing. How can you walk on ground when you see through it?


5thBeliever said...

Great... Shows HDT's humorous profundity at it's best.

michael jameson said...

if a man was to know the secrets of the gods,he would know more then the rest of the mortals,giveng him the power to be king, and wealthy to any extent,if he was not plucked from the earth by the gods,we would kill him!it is our nature,it is our past, its what we are.

son rivers said...

following this through its logical conclusion, if a man becomes privy to the secrets of the gods, he disappears on his own: there is no longer any ground to walk upon. bye-bye! it's a precondition set into the secret of the gods.

michael jameson said...

when someone gets to big and mighty we kill them!!!!! all through history! it is the race we are! maybe in another few thousand years we will grow up a bit? when jealousy, fear,and greed are things of the past!?!?.

vanjulio said...

I look at a place like Sweden and I think an egalitarian society is possible. America is just so young; we have a long way to get there.

Prospero: Believe? If you believe you are gullible. Can you look around this world and believe in the goodness of a god who rules it? Famine, Pestilence, War, Disease and Death! They rule this world.
Francesca: There is also love and life and hope.
Prospero: Very little hope I assure you. No. If a god of love and life ever did exist... he is long since dead. Someone... something, rules in his place.