nakedly as vicious as I am
...Thoreau's Journal: 20-Mar-1841

Even the wisest and best are apt to use their lives as the occasion to do something else in than to live greatly. But we should hang as fondly over this work as the finishing and embellishment of a poem.

It is a great relief when for a few moments in the day we can retire to our chamber and be completely true to ourselves. It leavens the rest of our hours. In that moment I will be nakedly as vicious as I am; this false life of mine shall have a being at length.

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michael jameson said...

it seems when we are alone in the few minutes before sleep awaiting upon it, we are our true selves,we cannot lie to ourselves we know the truth,we justify our actions of the day, no one can hear our thoughts and we make peace with ourselves,we are still barbaric by nature even if in thought,some of us if not all put on an act from morning till night if only to fit in,but we need to rest from it if only for the moments before slumber. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com