which all things consent
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-Feb-1840

The most important events make no stir on their first taking place, nor indeed in their effects directly. They seem hedged about by secrecy. It is concussion, or the rushing together of air to fill a vacuum, which makes a noise. The great events to which all things consent, and for which they have prepared the way, produce no explosion, for they are gradual, and create no vacuum which requires to be suddenly filled; as a birth takes place in silence, and is whispered about the neighborhood, but an assassination, which is at war with the constitution of things, creates a tumult immediately.

Corn grows in the night.

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michael said...

our lives continue, things and events occur, even the most natural of events as a birth, or such grandiose as a war are but a whisper of the past as we evolve further from it ,word on paper or media implements ,all will be buried ,but change will continue knowingly or not !. ''and the corn grows in the night'' michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com