shall not the scholar
...Thoreau's Journal: 6-Feb-1852

If the woodchopper rises early, shall not the scholar sit up late?


Josh Pan said...

That doesn't make any sense, Thoreau. Rising early is the best way to get work done, esp. studying.

michael jameson said...

i lament when people cant think past the obvious!think of the time and culture of the period,the 2 different crafts,the meaning behind it,one is rising early to chop enough wood to finish and dine with his family and relax and he must chop a certain amount to feed etc his family, that is what he does.the scholar,say he teaches he starts at 8 till 4 or 5 ,to be good he must plan for the next day,grade papers,but most important reflect

michael jameson said...

once again i am honored by one that gives my words thought and new life,i give thanks.