higher society
...Thoreau's Journal: 18-Feb-1841

Sometimes I find that I have frequented a higher society during sleep, and my thoughts and actions proceed on a higher level in the morning.


michael jameson said...

any time we are inspired be it from a dream a person or a visit we can find a want or jealousy to be just that,we will mimic the person or situation hoping to become just that,it is an admiration of sort,but who we are soon finds its way back. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

it is true that when we dream of a higher society or meet someone we would like to be, it may only be the way one speaks, we find ourselves unconsciously mimicking the same, but our old self does creep back in,for we can not help being who we are. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com