the expense of nature
...Thoreau's Journal: 17-Feb-1841

Our work should be fitted to and lead on the time, as bud, flower, and fruit lead the circle of the seasons.

The mechanic works no longer than his labor will pay for lights, fuel, and shop rent. Would it not be well for us to consider if our deed will warrant the expense of nature? Will it maintain the sun’s light?

Our actions do not use time independently, as the bud does. They should constitute its lapse. It is their room. But they shuffle after and serve the hour.


michael jameson said...

we are to relearn from nature as we once did when our species was young, not all that long ago,we do not give back to that which has kept us alive, we take and care little,we could have learned from the greatest teacher of all,worked with it,gave to it,heeded its warnings, instead we decided to serve time,a poor master at best. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

michael jameson said...

i wonder how people would act if each of us had a giant hour glass with the length of time they would be alive in its sands?.

Anonymous said...

More astonishing prose from HDT. Actually, this has the solidity of a prose poem. Diamond bright.

michael jameson said...

concerned sunny , all okay ? .

Quinton Blue said...

Off the point, but couldn't help but notice the date February 1841, when William Henry Harrison briefly occupied the White House. Wonder what Thoreau thought of a guy who rode "Indian fighter" into the White House? ... What a giant Thoreau was compared to the idiots elected to office in his time. Monday ought to be called Victims of Dumb Presidents Day, considering all the warring morons who have served us so poorly.