a pitiful story respecting myself
...Thoreau's Journal: 10-Feb-1852

Now if there are any who think that I am vainglorious, that I set myself up above others and crow over their low estate, let me tell them that I could tell a pitiful story respecting myself as well as them, if my spirits held out to do it; I could encourage them with a sufficient list of failures, and could flow as humbly as the very gutters themselves; I could enumerate a list of as rank offenses as ever reached the nostrils of heaven; that I think worse of myself than they can possibly think of me, being better acquainted with the man. I put the best face on the matter. I will tell them this secret, if they will not tell it to anybody else.


michael jameson said...

man has always been and will ever be just that, one no better then the next,many say what a kind intelligent man and better then,no! i am man, i have deeds and thoughts in my past that bring shame, and iron bars should circle me!, with age they lessen but never leave,we make peace with our past,no one can help what they are,at best we can change who we are,but part of you is in the mirror of every face you look in. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Eloquent as ever Henry, even in self pity.

michael jameson said...

MY WISH FOR EVERYONE IS THAT THEY MAKE PEACE WITH THEIR PAST ! michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com