half your wood and half your hay
...Thoreau's Journal: 1-Feb-1857

Down railroad.

Thermometer at 42 degrees. Warm as it is, I see a large flock of snow buntings on the railroad causeway. Their wings are white above next the body, but black or dark beyond and on the back. This produces that regular black and white effect when they fly past you.

A laborer on the railroad tells me it is Candlemas Day (February 2d) to-morrow and the winter half out. “half your wood and half your hay,” etc., etc.; and, as that day is, so will be the rest of winter.


michael jameson said...

how many of us ? go for a walk just to cleans our soul and reflect on what we see and who we are.....that many, sigh.

Northland said...

It seems that the railroad worker's comment to Henry about Candlemas day being how it is for the second half of winter makes as much sense as today (Feb. 2nd)being the time of the groundhog seeing its shadow and a whole lot easier to observe...