with ice
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-Nov-1855

Bottom of boat covered with ice. The ice next the shore bore me and my boat.


Anonymous said...

Uh, this is the best HDT quote you can come up with?

Please, he has tons of more profound things than this.

Get off the inoffensive nature pablum and start quoting his really meaty comments. This includes his unPC ones, too.

Let us see if you have the nerve
really be like Henry.

son rivers said...

Anonymous (glad Henry used his real name), I believe you have commented several times along this complaint. Maybe you don't understand the nature of this blog. These are edits from his Journals for each particular day. So for all the entirs for 11/26, yes, I did like this one. As for his unPC comments, remember this is his journal, and like it or not, he was a naturalist first and foremost. His journals reflect this. So, although there may be the social comment here and there, most of the entries document his rambles. Feel free to create your own site populated with your favorite quotes. And do let me know the link if and when you do. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Well, well – you DO read the comments after all.

Oh, I know it is safe to quote from Henry using only what he had written for a particular day. I also knew you would eventually bring up this plan of yours and tell me to go start my own blog of Henry quotes. The latter merely translates into “Go away and leave me with the English majors who fawn and swoon over Henry’s descriptions of flowers and tree bark.”

How safe, how dull, and how unHenry of you.

I am tired of enduring so many facets (fascists?) of society telling me how to think and act. And now this has even come down to my beloved Henry.

Will you allow dissenting comments here? Will you allow real dialogue on issues of importance? Or will I be told to simply go away and keep my mouth shut?

Totalitarian regimes don’t need armies to suppress the masses into blind obedience. They just need to have certain groups feed the people bland porridge and tell them it is steak until they believe it.

son rivers said...

"I also knew you would eventually bring up this plan of yours and tell me to go start my own blog of Henry quotes." Then I guess you know how I'd answer this latest comment. So I need not say anything more. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets." - Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver.

vanjulio said...

this guy (Anon) completely misses the point.


I think they just mad when googling for famous quotations and could not find them on here. or maybe just not the ones they need for their middle school book report or whatever it is they want someone else to provide content for them.

So funny to talk about totalitarianism on a freaking blog. This is pure expression already? You're talking on someone's personal website not the freaking street corner dude.

bandit said...

Got me to thinking of ice...a little more accepting of its insiduous creep, though still with some forebding.

Anonymous said...

next the shore,
the ice bore me
and my boat...

Regina said...

Superficial anonym problems: Bombasticism, fight, "my Henry".

Sounds like a discussion about God: No one knows him but everyone makes his personal God and fights for this.

Fortunately Thoreau definitely left these "boring" quotes too.

If you studied Thoreau like you would study "Gods Word" (by the way - I´m pagan, not christian any more) you would probably find a deeper understanding of the whole Thoreau.

Thoreau was not only provocative - don´t try to make him a fight-idol.

I personally estimate his "silence/deepness/coolness".

You´d probably be the best "follower" of Thoreau if you didn´t comment angrily but write for newspapers or use other media to spread your ideas.

But do you really have an "idea" a message or are you only a misantrop ?


michael jameson said...

sigh! .....think about thoreau's observation and what is going on? feel what he is feeling! one could write volumes!, yet when the mind can not reach past the body it is a sad thing.